Traders, Caterers, exhibitors, and concessions – Applications are now open! 

The dates for this year’s event are Friday 9th – Sunday 11th August 2024.

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta hosted in one of Bristol’s favourite green spaces attracts over 100 Hot Air Balloons and hundreds of thousands of attendees across the Fiesta weekend. Hot air balloons are a long-standing, iconic symbol of Bristol, and what better way to celebrate than with the city’s very own festival! 

Whatever your business, charity, or exhibit, we would love to hear from you at Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. 

We want to provide our customers with a quality, varied range of stalls, food, drink and exhibits across the Fiesta weekend. If you would like to get involved, please apply below! 

If you are a caterer, please apply here.

If you are a Trader/ Exhibitor or charity stand, please apply here.

Trader Road map here.

Trader 101 (info pack) here.

Trader site map here.

New for 2024: Bristol Launching Bursary

For 2024, we are proud to introduce the Bristol Launching Bursary, which will support up to 10 independent Bristol businesses to attend the Fiesta and sell and/or promote their products at a significantly discounted rate.

Find out more about the application criteria and how to apply in the Bristol Launching Bursary information pack here.


When is The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta?

Friday 9th – Sunday 11th August 2024

Is there a closing date for applications to be submitted?

Applications are on a first come, first serve basis. We anticipate a high demand, so recommend getting your application in as early as possible!

- Caterers

Application Open - 26th January

Submission Deadline - 1st April

Deposit Deadline - 30th April

Document upload Deadline - 1st July

Payment Deadline - 1st July

- Traders/exhibitors

Application Open - 26th January

Submission Deadline - 1st April

Deposit Deadline - N/A

Document upload Deadline - 1st June

Payment Deadline - 1st July

- Charity partners

Application Open - 26th January

Submission Deadline - 1st March

Deposit Deadline - N/A

Document upload Deadline - N/A

Payment Deadline - N/A

What type of businesses are welcome?

All businesses are welcome to apply. When completing the application form, you will be asked to provide more information alongside images of your proposed stall and products. 

Are stalls only available for local businesses?

Our application process is open to everyone. However, we would love to encourage and prioritise local applicants!

What are the pitch prices?


- Band 1 - High Volume Catering (This includes burgers, hot dogs, fish & chips, sausages, noodles, etc) - £3950 + VAT (minimum bid).

- Band 2 - Mid Volume Catering Units (This includes baguettes, toasties, pasties, and gourmet or speciality produce) - £2750 + VAT (minimum bid).

- Band 3 - Speciality and Savoury Products (This includes crepes, waffles, donuts, coffee and other non-alcoholic beverages) - £1650 + VAT (minimum bid).

Trade and market stands

Premium Arena Facing (Experiential Activations) 12m x 12m - £5200 + VAT

A Stand (10m x 10m) - £3100 + VAT

B Stand (10m x 10m) - £2250 + VAT

C Stand (6m x 6m) - £1200 + VAT

D stand (5m x 5m) - £650 + VAT

Local Market Traders, Charity and Arts and Craft Stands (3m x 3m) - £400 + VAT


Twin 13-amp power - £195 + VAT

16-amp power - £265 + VAT

32-amp single phase power - £380 + VAT

32-amp three phase - £685 + VAT

Optional Additional Extras

Additional Vehicle Pass - £15 + VAT

Additional Staff Wristbands - £5 + VAT 

Camping Tent Pitch - £60 + VAT

Caravan Pitch £100 + VAT

Where are the different stand spaces?

How will I pay for my stand space? 

Caterers are required to pay a £250 deposit per stand. This will be paid via Stripe. All other invoices will be issued via Stripe – you will receive these via email. 

If you wish to pay your stand fee via BACS you must use reference Companyname/ BIBF24 when paying and send proof of payment to  Bank details will be included within invoice. 

Will I get trader wristbands and vehicle passes?

1 vehicle pass and 4 trader wristbands will be provided as standard. Additional passes can be purchased if required. If requested within the application form already filled out, they will be included within your trader pack upon arrival. Alternatively, more can be purchased upon your arrival to site.

Important timings for the event

Fiesta Opening times

Friday 9th August: 06.00-23:00

Saturday 10th August: 06.00- 23.00

Sunday 11th August: 06.00- 21.30 

Trader Opening times

Friday 9th August - 09.00-22:30

Saturday 10th August - 09.00- 22.30

Sunday 11th August - 09.00- 21.30

** Please note that we are flexible with trade hours, but we do ask that exhibitors trade from 10am – 6pm as a minimum.

** Pack down before 8pm on Sunday is not permitted.

When will power be turned on for traders?

Power will be set up and turned on starting from 5pm Thursday 8th August. Please note, the power team will be working their way round the site as quickly as possible, however, it is not guaranteed that you will have power fully fitted at any specific time.

Where/when can I collect my trader packs?

You can collect trader packs from the Fiesta reception upon your arrival to the site.

How Big are the stands?

There are a variety of different stand and pitch sizes on offer. The smallest is 3M x 3M. All Pitch sizes and prices are detailed within the application form with further information.

Are free standing spaces covered?

All stands require your own infrastructure and cover – we do not provide any structures.

How will you allocate the space? 

As a team, we will do our best to allocate applicants to the site space they request, though there is no guarantee. Pitches are subject to availability. 

Can I have my stock van behind my pitch? 

Most pitches do not have space for stock vans behind stands. Catering Banks 1,2,3 may allow enough space depending on set up. All other vehicles must be parked in the exhibitor carpark. 

How will I restock my stand? 

There will daily re-stock times for traders to re-stock their stands. This is between 8:00 – 10:00am daily – as long as the site team deem it safe to do so. Site Management has the right to prohibit vehicle movement if and when needed. 

Will I receive a trader, exhibition, concessions handbook? Yes. Trader packs will be provided with all information needed for the event. These will be issued once payment has been made and received. 

Do I need my own insurance? 

You must maintain Public Liability Insurance with a reputable insurer throughout the event with a minimum limit of £5,000,000. A copy of the certificate must be supplied on application. 

How do I make payment for my application? 

If your application is successful, an invoice will be sent to you via Stripe. 

Caterers will be required to pay a deposit to reserve their stand space. No stand space is confirmed until deposit is received. Caterers will receive a separate deposit link via Stripe. 

Can I sell alcohol? 

You are not permitted to sell alcohol for consumption on the site without our prior written permission. If you are applying as a licensed bar please apply as a Bar Unit. It should be noted that all sales of alcohol will fall under the existing event Premises Licence. We ask that imagery of products be sent in, especially if they contain alcohol.

Can I sell off-sale alcohol? 

To sell off -sale alcohol, including gift sets including alcohol, you require our prior written permission, and will also be required to apply for a Temporary Event Notice prior to the event.

Can I apply as an independent bar? 

Yes, please apply as a bar unit.

Will I need to supply my own gazebo? 

Yes, all stand space requires traders, caterers, exhibitors to bring their own marquees/ infrastructure. 

Am I responsible for my space? 

You are responsible for keeping your space tidy and clear of rubbish. The space should be maintained and returned to us as you found it

What if I need power? 

Power requirements can be requested for pitches within the application form. Please ensure you outline your power requirements correctly at time of application. 

Can I put music on my stand? 

Amplified music and PA systems are not permitted without our prior written permission. 

Can I use any packaging? 

Bristol Balloon Fiesta is committed to achieving high environmental and sustainability standards. From October 2023 a range of polluting single-use plastics have been banned in England. By law You must agree to not using any such single-use plastics whilst trading at Bristol Balloon Fiesta.

Restricted items: 

Ice cream, Sweets, inflatables and slush drinks are restricted items and are only prohibited to be sold by selected traders on site at Bristol Balloon Fiesta. All other traders will be prohibited to sell such items. 

Do I need a Trading licence?

Yes - North Somerset Council has formally adopted Schedule 4 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 with regards to street trading within its area. This means that anyone selling, or exposing, or offering for sale of any article (including a living thing) in any street needs a street trading consent. In this legislation a “street” is defined as: Any road, footway, beach or other area to which the public have access without payment. A service area as defined in section 329 of the Highways Act 1980, and also includes any part of a street. As the Balloon Fiesta is free to enter and the area of land at Ashton Court falls within the North Somerset Council administrative area, any trader at the event will need to apply for a street trading consent. Exemptions apply to Stall that are not selling anything. E.g. Charities and promotional material.”