In Partnership with BRISTOL ENERGY
Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th August 2017

Bristol Waste

Bristol Waste Company is your local recycling, waste collection and street cleansing company. We are committed to working in partnership with the people of Bristol to help all communities recycle more and throw away less. Our aim is for Bristol to be a cleaner and tidier city which is happier and healthier for all those who live, work and study here – and of course our many visitors.

We employ 450 people who make 17 million scheduled collections every year, operate 180 vehicles, collect 140,000 tonnes of waste and recycling per annum – of which we send 53,000 tonnes for composting or recycling. We clean 800 miles of streets and footpaths and deal with 180,000 ad hoc job requests and service queries annually.

The 500,000 people that visited the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta last year did an amazing job – 86% of the rubbish from the site was recycled. We’re not quite as good as that at home – as a city, Bristol currently recycles 43% of its waste. That’s pretty good for a big city but we know we can do better.   And by doing better we could save Bristol money – disposing of waste costs.

Recycling can actually earn money because the familiar materials that package the things we buy every week are valuable.

If you live in Bristol, you can help us increase our recycling rate by separating out your bottles, cans, paper in to your recycling boxes – which we collect every week. Our crews can work more quickly if things are in the right boxes. As well as all your plastics and cardboard you might not know that we also take textiles, shoes, batteries and even old pairs of glasses. If you’re able to use your food waste caddy too we can turn your leftovers into fuel and fertiliser.

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Enjoy the Balloon Fiesta, please continue to use the right bins while you’re on site and we look forward to working with you to recycle more and waste less for the rest of the year as well.